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One-Stop"The best, The fastest, The cheapest," ever achieved!

Nichiba logistics services 'One Stop Logistic Service' is the best and safest way to deliver your car or cargo to your Local Port.
Just bring your cargo, and leave the rest in our hands. Customs Clearance procedures for export, container booking arrangement, land transportation, container “vanning” -packing-
We will be in charge of everything for you.
In the export of auto parts and used cars we are the best to arrange transportation and handling due to our experience. We achieve it encompassing work with several companies, in a network all over the world and Japan. Providing the perfect packing by skilled personnel, we ensure our customers receive their cargo as the original.

If you need help on export procedures, please contact us!

Vehicle Bid Representative Service

Nichiba Group provides the following service to our customers :

  1. Nichiba Group bids the vehicles at auctions on behalf of our customers.
  2. We take all services; storage of vehicles, vanning, custom clearance, shipment and sea transport.
  3. You can search the vehicles at the auctions from all over Japan.

Auction sites :

USS, JU each sites, HAA, CAA, TAA, Hanaten, Arai Auto Auction, Isuzu Umax, ORIX Auto Corporation, NISSAN PLAZA SOL,SYSTEM LOCATION, BCN, ZIP, etc.

How to bid :  

Please give us the orders per auction sites. Based on your orders, we participate in the auctions and bid the vehicles on behalf of you. 

Service flow : 

  1. Our salesperson explains to you the outline of this representative bid service.
  2. Confirming your payment, we start the service.
  3. Based on the orders from customers, we bid on behalf of you.
  4. We send the copy of auction receipt.
  5. From your advance payments, we withhold the vehicle price and bid costs.
  6. We bring the vehicles in our yard and look after them.
  7. After confirming the vessel, we prepare for shipment.
  8. We ask the confirmation of shipping vehicles to our customers.
  9. From your advance payments, we withhold the custom clearance and shipment costs.
  10. We send the B/L copy to customers.
  11. We send the original B/L or surrendered one to customers.

*You can take the vehicles out and prepare for shipment by yourself. We accept and handle the CKD trucks or half-cut vehicles. Please ask our salesperson in details.

Price information : 

Representative bid charge :

We ask the charge per one vehicle(Limit bid at auctions).

All costs in advance

Vehicle price
Up to ¥149,999¥7,000

50% of costs in advance

Vehicle price
Up to ¥149,999¥10,000

More than ¥1,000,0005% of vehicle price

*Charge price changes in case of POS bid and Negotiating bid.

*These prices are the amounts subject to using the 3WM logistics services. 

Various expenses :

Vehicle priceCost-and-fee (based on the auction receipt)
Auction bid chargeCost-and-fee (based on the auction receipt)
Car tax In principle, Cost-and-fee (There are exceptions.)
Recycle price
In principle, Cost-and-fee (There are exceptions.)
Vehicle transport expense
Separately stipulated (Ex. USS-Nagoya→Nagoya port=¥3,000)
Export formality expense
(such as custom clearing costs)
Separately stipulated (based on 3WM logistics service)
Sea formality expense
(such as freight)
Separately stipulated (based on 3WM logistics service)
Container vanning expense
expense Separately stipulated
(Ex. 4 vehicles in 1 container=¥20,000)

CKD or parts removal expense
(Ex. Remove the door=¥5,000, Half-cut=¥20,000)

Bonus for continuing utilization :

We discount the representative bid charge depends on revenue and the number of bid vehicles.

ConditionDiscount details
More than 10 million yen revenue per  monthRepresentative bid charge for next month: 10% off
More than 50 vehicles bid per monthRepresentative bid charge for next month: ¥1,000 off (per 1 unit)
More than 100 million yen or 500 vehicles bid per yearAnnual membership fees for next year: Free

Representative search charge :

Nichiba Group searches the vehicles on behalf of customers.

Please send the list of vehicles you want, and we can search the vehicles.

We ask you the confirmation, and after we receive your confirmation, it turns to the firm order.

1 vehicle charge: ¥1,000 (excluding tax)

Issue expense of decated ID :

Issue expense of dedicated ID for searching vehicles: ¥40,000 per year

What is the dedicated ID?…Vehicle searching ID is typically common with other companies one.

But we restrict the simultaneous log-in for security and change the password every month. With this dedicated ID, you can search the vehicles in safety and comfortably.

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